Live-spilling er rockens kjerne. Derfor har vi bygget en profesjonell scene med utstyr og teknikk på absolutt toppnivå, med en kapasietet på 350 hoder i salen. Konsertaktiviteten vil knyttes opp mot museets utstillinger og andre aktiviteter. Scenen vil også brukes som konferansesal, og er Rockheims største arena for seminarer og undervisning.

Scenen med konsertbelysning

Tekniske spesifikasjoner

Primary use is pop and rock concerts, but may also be rigged for seminars/conferences or movies. The venue is acoustically optimized for pop and rock concerts.

Audience area
350 people standing
160 people seated
Height 7 m, no balconies
FOH located centrally behind audience, 11 m from stage front

Stage dimensions
Height: 1 m
Clearance: 5,5 m
Area: 12 x 6 m (w x d)
Stage opening: 8 x 5 m (w x h)

Direct access from door at stage back wall located 1 m above ground, alternatively using stage lift from ground level via stage entrance.

2 motorized trusses FOH (500 kg even load)
5 motorized trusses above stage (500 kg even load)
Main PA flown by travelling motors (2 x 500 kg)

3 x 125A 400V three-phase
1 x 63A 400V three-phase
Distributed 16A single-phase oulets in stage area

Sound system
Midas Pro 6 and Heritage 2000 consoles. Nexo GEO S12 main PA plus optional LCR mode and surround system. RCF active monitors. Wide selection of high quality microphones.

AV equipment
High quality video projection, speech reinforcement and surround sound reproduction. Control system with wireless touch panel, and flexible connectivity including support for digital full HD sources from both stage and FOH.

Sony BDP-S5000ES Blu-ray player
Projectiondesign F80 3DLP WUXGA projector (8500 ANSI lumen, contrast 15000:1)
Image width up to 6 m (motorized screen)

Crestron control system and DigitalMedia signal distribution system
7.1 surround sound system

84 channel dimmer system. MA Grand MA Ultralight console. 48 PAR cans, 14 moving heads, haze and fog plus a selection of misc lights.

Sound system/PA

10 x Nexo GEO S1210 + 2 x Nexo GEO S1230 top
8 x Nexo RS15 sub

3 x Nexo GEO S1230

Front fill
2 x Nexo PS-10

6 x Nexo PS-08

4 x Nexo NXAMP 4×4 (4x4000W)
1 x Nexo NXAMP 4×1 (4x1000W)
Symnet 8×8 DSP


11 x RCF TT45-SMA (active 2×12”/3”, 1500W RMS)

Side fill
2 x RCF TT25-A (active 15”/1.5”, 1500W RMS)

Drum fill
RCF TT22-A top (active 12”/1.5”, 750W RMS)
RCF ART 705-AS sub (active 12”, 800W RMS)

Midas Pro 6
Midas Heritage 2000

Both consoles may be alternately used FOH or for monitor mix


Klark Teknik DN370 (2 x 30)

Bricasti M7
Lexicon PCM91
2 x Yamaha SPX2000
TC Electronics D-Two

10 x dbx 160A
Avalon VT-737SP
5 x Drawmer DS201

Denon DN-C620 CD player

6 x Klark Teknik Square ONE Graphic (2 x 30)

Yamaha SPX2000
Klark Teknik Square ONE Dynamics
Denon DN-C620C CD player


Wired microphones
2 x Shure Beta 52A dynamic bass drum
2 x Shure Beta 91A condenser bass drum
6 x Sennheisser e 904 clip-on drum
8 x Shure SM57 instrument
10 x Shure Beta 58A dynamic vocal
2 x Audix OM5 dynamic vocal
2 x Shure KSM9 condencer vocal
8 x AKG C 480 B condencer
2 x DPA 4011 condencer
7 x Shure MX 412DC desktop goseneck

12 x Klark Teknik PN100

Wireless system
6 ch Shure UR4 wireless receiver
5 x Shure UR2/Beta 58 handheld wireless mic
1 x Shure UR2/KSM9 handheld wireless mic
6 x Shure UR1 wireless bodypack transmitter
6 x DPA 4061 miniature body mic
6 x DPA 4066 headset mic

All neccessary stands and cables

MA Grand MA Ultralight
PDA remote rig control

84 ch dimmer system (no patch)

Moving heads
8 x Martin 575 Krypton spot
6 x Martin 600 wash

PAR cans
36 x Prolite PAR 64
12 x Prolite PAR 64 floor

Misc lights
8 x ETC Surface Four profile (15-30 deg)
6 x Selecon Rama fresnel
4 x Prolite stage blinder
4 x Martin Atomic 3000 strobe
Selecon Pacific follow spot

Haze and fog
Martin Jem K1 Hazer
Martin Magnum 2000 fog (including DMX interface)

Standard black wool backdrop with legs (white/black)
Front curtain

Axxent 2 ch base station
6 x Axxent wired beltpacks


Guitar amps
– Marshall Vintage Moderen
– Marshall JCM 800
– Marshall JMP 1987 (vintage)
– Marshall 1960 4×12” stereo Cabinet
– Marshall 1960 4×12” mono Cabinet (vintage)
– Matchless DC 30
– Fender Super Reverb 4×10” (vintage)
– Vox AC 30 (vintage)
– Roland Jazz Chorus (vintage)

Bass amps
– Aguilar DB 750
– Aguilar 4×10 Kabinett, 2 stk
– Roland Studio Bass 100 (vintage)

– Nobel & Cooley alu. SD 14×6
– Ruff, clear acryl
– BD 24×15
– SD 14×6
– TT 12×9
– TT 14×10
– FT 16×16
– FT 18×16
– Yamaha stands, pedal and stool.

– Sabian Hand Hammered:
– 14 Regular Hats
– 14 Thin Crash
– 16 Medium Crash
– 18 Rock Crash
– 20 Medium Heavy Ride
– 21 Raw Bell Dry Ride

Pearl Masters Premium Birch
– BD 22″ x 2.
– TT 12″
– TT 13″
– FT 16″
– SD 14 x 5 ½” custom Alloy

Pearl hardware
Sabian AAX
– 14″ Stage Hats
– 16″ Crach
– 18″ Crash
– 18″ AA China
– 20″ Stage Ride

Yamaha CP300 El-piano

Yamaha SH Piano (acoustic and silent)

– Technics SL – 1210 MK2, x 2
– Pioneer DJM – 600

Mini PA:
– RCF TT 25A speaker, x 2
– RCF 705 – AS sub, x 2
– Midas Venice 16 Mixer

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